November 12th, 2012

Transpose Operator Guest Art – Aisazia

Artist: Aisazia

Notes from Aisazia:
I’m a Notebook/Sketchbook/Comic/Manga lover. A swimmer and a dreamer. A story enthusiast with the dream of telling and sharing stories through art. I have been an avid fan of webcomic and indie comics since high school and since then have always wanted to create one of my own. I feel everyone has at least one story to tell but some
have more than one. I hope to be able to share my hopefully fresh and original stories and entertain my audiences at the same time. Please check out my links! I’m still working on my comics but you can follow me to keep posted on my progress! I will finish one within this lifetime, if not more! I promise!
I found Transpose Operator randomly, I forget how exactly but it was either through a webcomic collective or through a link list. I love the uniqueness of Transpose Operator and the characters. I hope to see it grow and improve on the already great story and nice art. My only wish is that is came out faster but that’s how I feel with all great comics. You can’t rush great stories so I’m happy that Roxy is updating as often as she does. Roxy is also a great artist, I wish we talked more! (Why don’t we? XD) Anyways, from the limited time I did talk with her she’s been kind, friendly, and all around, awesome! Looking forward to seeing where you head in the future! Keep it up my friend! 😀