November 19th, 2012

Transpose Operator Guest Art – Alicia Muhm

Artist: Alicia Muhm

Website: (under construction at the moment)

Notes from Alicia:

Since Luka is obviously the most important/cool character of this story, I decided to draw him!  Honestly, I’ve been waiting around to see him in action for YEARS now!  I’ve known about Transpose Operator before it even made it on to paper, back when Roxy and I were attending MCAD together.  It’s really neat to see how far things have come since then!  Hundreds of pages later?  THAT’S MIND-BLOWING!
Roxy’s stick-to-itiveness is really inspiring and I hope to get my own web comic (“The Chains of Destiny”) up and running soon.  I’ve recently submitted a complete short comic to Tankedere (so has Roxy!) and I’m looking forward to finishing an indie game for Xbox LIVE in the near future.  Other than that, things are not so crazy.  In my spare time I like to read Transpose Operator because it is awesome.  Thanks for taking a look!

Discussion (4)¬

  1. majaye7 says:

    Alicia! Draws just as well as she kills zombies. 🙂 My hero! Love it!