Dustbowl Short Story

Hello Transpose Operator readers! If you weren’t aware I do┬ácommissions, you are now, because I have been given permission to share with you my most recent completed project that I worked on with writer Himmleash. It’s a very moody period story set in the Texas Dustbowl era of America, I thought it would be something you all could appreciate so I’m sharing it here on the site! I want to try and do more of this in the future. But just to make you’re all aware, I post pretty regularly to my SKETCH BLOG which has all of my art including Transpose Operator stuff. There’s a link to it on the side of the site, but this is just another friendly reminder that it exists.

I would suggest reading the story on my sketchblog as the Transpose Operator blog section has a transparency to it that may detract from your reading experience.

And away we go!