Transpose Operator was originally created back in 2008, and became a webcomic in 2009 on ComicFury.
It was on ComicFury for about a year until it moved to it’s new home here in 2010.

The story is about a young woman who awakens in a strange facility with equally strange caretakers.
As she tries to make sense of her situation she finds herself in the middle of a battle between two long warring factions in a post-apocalyptic and dangerous landscape.

Transpose Operator also has a TV-Tropes Page that you can visit.

CONTACT: transposeoperator(@)gmail(dot)com


Roxy Polk loves stories and has been writing and drawing them since she was a tiny child. She’s obsessed with anime, video games, desserts, cute things, scary things and sleeping in. She’s currently an assistant editor by day and a freelance comic artist, writer, illustrator, character designer, and storyboarder by night. Her ultimate goal is to make engaging stories because stories are the best. She’s currently looking for and available for work as a writer or artist, and if you’d like to see further work samples or contact her please look below!



CONTACT: roxypolk(@)gmail(dot)com