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Luka Character page and Comic Hovel

Hello everyone! There’s a new character page up in the Character’s section. Take a look and learn a few things about Luka, one of the newly introduced characters from chapter 4! The other two characters who showed up on Chapter 4 page 9 will get their pages put up soon too so make sure to stay tuned.

Also sadly one of the comic voting sites that has been on the Transpose Operator site for years has died… Comic Hovel no longer exists so I will be taking down the voting icon for it. Thanks to everyone who voted throughout the years, I appreciate your support IMMENSELY, so thank you very very much! TWC voting still exists though, so vote away!

Transpose Operator – BREAK TIME NEWS

Greetings everyone! I come with news of my life and the things I am doing.

If you noticed the other day I had pushed back Transpose Operator updates to Friday Only, in order to accomplish all the things I need to do right now. I am going to amend that to an actual break on Transpose Operator comic page updates. I am currently working on several pitch packets to send to publishers, and if all goes well I’ll be working on a creator owned book soon, and if not then I’ll have a 2nd webcomic project for you all to see. Whatever the results there will be more art in the future for these other things that I’m working on and Transpose Operator. However the deadlines for these are time sensitive and the workload is increasing. Splitting my time up here since I’ve moved to California is getting increasingly more tricky due to this. In order to get things done and get Transpose Operator back on a more regular schedule I will be postponing updates for a bit. Here’s the breakdown for the next few weeks:

NEXT FRIDAY – 3/29/2013: Chapter 4 page 10 will go up
THE FRIDAY AFTER – 4/05/2013: New character page – AVID
THE FRIDAY AFTER THAT – 4/12/2013: New character page – MERCER
AND THE FRIDAY AFTER THAT – 4/19/2013: Status Update post

Never fear though as Transpose Operator will continue forever until it’s done. The scheduling for Volume 1 printing is still good to go by the end of the year. I am still making progress on the pages in the form of thumbnails, pencils and inks. Not to mention a ton of sketches and stuff I’ll be posting in the meantime including an anthology I was recently a part of, and a project that I’ve been working on for awhile getting printed. So stuff is happening, and Transpose Operator will have other art updates, and will be back soon. Sit tight, and I will see you all in the coming weeks… or on twitter… I’m always on twitter

Also my art blog is updated weekly with new things for you to look at so be sure you bookmark it.


Chapter 4 Pg 10 will not be going up this Friday, it’s going to be on hold until updates start again. However the character pages are right on schedule so look forward to seeing those starting next week!


As you may have been aware, Transpose Operator hasn’t had a new page up in awhile. There’s quite a few reasons for this, but I haven’t been able to make an announcement on the site for awhile. While there’s several factors, one of them being crazy life stuff, I’m not gonna waste my time going over that and instead tell you the most important thing of all, which is’ The Future of Transpose Operator’.


Right now I’m currently working on several projects to turn into pitches and send to publishers, Transpose Operator is one of those. You may or may not be aware of the fact that for most of this year I’ve been in Los Angeles, I originally came here for a comics internship at Archaia. My time there taught me a lot about the business end of the comics industry, one of the most important things was about how you get your comics out into the world. I met a ton of people who I could talk with about comics and stories and they gave me a lot of different perspectives on what I had been doing, and what I should be doing.

More than anything, I want comics to be my full-time job, so I’ve been working towards that. Right now I’m working on a pitch called ‘Shadow’ (not the official title), Once I’m able to send it out into the world I’ll be working on my next one, and after that, Transpose Operator. You may wonder why I’d be choosing to tackle Transpose Operator as the 3rd pitch in my current line-up, after all I’ve been marketing it for years and have so much work behind me already for it, however it’s precisely because of that that I need to take more time for it. It’s a big story, and needs a lot of work, in fact by the time I’m finished with this stage of Transpose Operator it may be quite different. The characters, world, and atmosphere will still be the same, but the plot and writing will be re-vamped. If all goes well I’ll be able to publish it as a physical book for you to hold and read! The ultimate plan was always to publish Transpose Operator for print, and my current experiences have taught me better ways to go about doing that.

SO! You may be wondering about the fate of this site- It’s not going anywhere! In fact when I finish the pitch pages for Transpose Operator they’ll go up on the site! Depending on how things go with the pitch I may even start from those pitch pages to continue the webcomic in that way. We will see, that’s in the future so things could change! Hopefully I’ll be able to announce that it’s been picked up for print! However regardless of how those things turn out, I want to tell the story of Transpose Operator, it will happen, so don’t fear, it’s not going anywhere.

I’ll be posting Transpose Operator news here of course, also on MY BLOG, TWITTER, TUMBLR, DEVIANT ART, and various other places including the TRANSPOSE OPERATOR FB GROUP too, so be on the lookout! Feel free to message me through the site or email me if you have any questions, or just want to talk. I’m especially attentive on twitter and it’s usually the fastest way to reach me online.

I’ll see you all soon! I can’t wait for Transpose Operator to enter this next stage and I’ll be sure to keep you all posted along the way!